Leader Heads

Copper Leader Heads in your downspouts serve many important functional and design purposes. What used to serve as a purely functional purpose now allows customers to really let their personal style and preference shine through in their copper gutter system.

In our years of installing copper gutters and downspouts on our customer’s homes, we’ve helped design and build hundreds of different styles of leader heads.

If you’re not sure what style you’d like, we encourage our customers to not just look on the internet on places like Pinterest, Google, or popular manufacturers like this company, but to also drive down some historic neighborhoods throughout Chicago to get an idea what styles and designs other homeowners and property owners have chosen.

We like to tell people being creative isn’t necessarily coming up with brand new design on your own, but instead taking pieces and styles you like from several other systems and molding them together into something truly unique for your home.

Leader Head Purpose

The main functional purpose of the leader head is to collect the rainwater from your gutter and help it flow efficiently through your downspout system. They also act as a vacuum prevention system to ensure water flows smoothly even in heavy rains.

Oftentimes during heavy rains, the amount of water coming off your roof is more than your downspout can handle all at once, so the leader head helps collect the water and allow the water to flow through your downspout in a more effective manner.

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