Copper Guttering Repairs

On average, most homes require around 175 feet or more of gutters. If you have a larger house, more will be required. A small house will require less. Either way, with this much guttering, the likelihood of parts of it getting damaged and needing repairing is high.

Like any large investment, you want to take good care of it and be sure to fix or maintenance any issues as quickly as possible. Repairing copper gutters can take on several forms and procedures.

Ways To Repair Copper Gutters

Soldering: Nearly all copper gutter repairs will require soldering of some type. If your gutters have started to come loose from your house, please do not screw them back in place with traditional outdoor screws from Home Depot. Many other construction materials are corrosive and damaging to copper and can create greater problems down the road. It’s important to use the proper copper materials and proper soldering techniques to ensure repairs are performed correctly and safely.

Hole Mending: Sometimes wind, tree branches, or hail will fall from the sky and create small holes in your copper system. Foreign metal objects rubbing against your copper can cause holes in the copper gutters as the copper corrodes. To repair a gutter hole properly, it’s important to use a piece of sheet copper and lay it on the inside of your gutter. The copper sheet metal can then be soldered or riveted into place over the hole, ensuring no water runs around the sheet metal and through the hole.

Partial Replacement: Sometimes damage to your copper gutter system requires partial replacement work. The damaged pieces of the gutter need carefully cut and removed from the house and new, correctly formed and molded copper gutters need installed. When we perform a partial replacement, we always try to save as much of the original guttering as we can. This helps save our customers money and helps preserve the original look of the gutters.

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When damage or normal wear to your gutters are overlooked, the lasting damage to your house can cost significantly more than routine maintenance work. To ensure your house stays protected from one of nature’s harshest elements (water), it’s important to ensure your copper gutters are doing their job properly and effectively.

Also, please be cautious of DIY fixes, especially to a copper system. The safest way to prevent future damage is to call the specialists at Copper Gutters Chicago for all your repair and partial replacement needs, such as:

  • Fixing or replacing damaged leader heads
  • Tacking up dropping soffits and facia
  • Inspecting for problems with the pitch of your gutters causing unsafe water pooling or fast flow
  • Removing clogs from downspouts and closed gutter systems
  • Securing loose gutters

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